March 19-23, 2007: Mare will present Baltic NEST at the Baltic Sea Science Congress Rostock 2007, Rostock, Germany. The BSSC gathers broad expertise in all relevant disciplines for a system approach in coastal sea research.

March 26-28, 2007: Scientific evaluation of MARE.

February 27-28 2007. Mare participation at the NMR Workshop on Marine models and its application for Management Purposes in Copenhagen, Denmark.

January 2007. Exhibition of NEST at EU parliament. During theme week Baltic Sea in Brussels.

November 13-15 2006: Mare presented a Keynote lecture ‘Science-based decision support for a better management of the Baltic Sea" at the.Conference Baltic Sea and European Marine Strategy - Linking Science and Policy in Helsingfors, Finland.

November 9-10 2006. Mare presented a Keynote lecture ‘Coupling Management and Sciences in a Decision Support System for the Baltic Sea .' Archipelago Sea 2006 Research Conference, University of Turku.

August 29-30 2006. Mare was invited to speak at the ‘Workshop on Implementing Ecological Modeling in Danish Marine Monitoring', Korsör , Denmark.

August 23 2006: Mare presented and demonstrated Baltic NEST at The World Water Week in Stockholm. The World water week is the leading annual global meeting place for capacity-building, partnership- building and follow-up on the implementation of international processes and programmes in water and development.

July 3-7 2006: At SNF Baltic Sea Information Campaign, MARE presented Baltic NEST in Visby.

June 30 2006: At SNF press conference "Upp till bevis om Östersjön", MARE presented scenarios for the Baltic Sea. The seminar took place at the boat Lady Ellen between Stockholm and Sandhamn.

June 20-23 2006: Mare presented and demonstrated Baltic NEST at The International Symposium on Research and Management of Eutrophication in Coastal Ecosystems in Nyborg, Denmark. The Symposium aims to bring together scientists, managers and politicians to present and discuss current issues in research and management of coastal eutrophication.

May 15-16 2006: Workshop on modelling cyanobacteriae in Helsinki, Finland.

May 16-18 2006: MARE participation at the HELCOM LAND meeting in Sopot, Poland.

May 22-23 2006: Mare attended the International Conferense - Assessment of Climate Change for the Baltic Sea Basin, in Göteborg, Sweden.

March 7 2006: Mare presented Baltic Nest on the Stakeholder Conference on the development of the HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan, Helsinki, Finland. The overall aim of the Conference was to inform on the purpose and foreseen activities within the strategic HELCOM plan to restore the Baltic marine environment.

January 18 2006: MARE was invited to he annual Seminar for journalists at the Swedish Environmental Protection agency. Together with other experts and scientists, the environment of the Baltic Sea was discussed.

August 21-27 2005: The World Water Week in Stockholm, Sweden. The World Water Week in Stockholm is the leading annual global meeting place for the world's diverse water community. The World Water Week includes the Stockholm Water Symposium, topical plenary sessions and panel debates, scientific workshops, independently organised seminars and side events, exhibitions and festive prize ceremonies. Participants in Stockholm will be experts coming from more than 100 countries and representing the business, civil society, governmental, inter-governmental, science and water management sectors.

May 27 2005: Cecilia Lundberg defended her doctoral thesis Eutrophication in the Baltic Sea, from area-specific biological effects to interdisciplinary consequences, at Åbo Akademi University, Finland. Abstract

June 20-24 2005: 5th Baltic Sea Science Congress, Sopot, Polen. The 5th Baltic Sea Science Congress continues the tradition of high-quality scientific meetings of Baltic researchers representing the Conference of Baltic Oceanographers (CBO), Baltic Marine Biologists (BMB), and Baltic Sea Geologists (BSG). In recognition of the value of exchanging information and strengthening interdisciplinary approaches to solve the problems facing the Baltic Sea today, the Congress will be devoted to the presentation of results of research on the climate, physics, chemistry, biology, and geology of the Baltic Sea.

February 9-11 2005: Baltic Sea Research Programme (BIREME) Annual symposium. Unitas Congress Centre, Helsinki, Finland. The objective of BIREME is to deepen the understanding of conditions for science-based management of environmental issues in the Baltic Sea. The programme focuses on research aiming at preventing problems caused by eutrophication and harmful substances as well as on maintenance of biodiversity and sustainable use of marine resources. The BIREME programme operates in close collaboration with other ongoing research programmes in the Baltic Sea region, such as MARE and the Baltic Sea Regional Programme.

December 1-3, 2004: MARE arranges a scientific workshop about decision support systems in Stockholm.

August 23-25, 2004: CHARM workshop in Tallinn, Estland - Towards operational management of coastal eutrophication in Europe. MARE scientists are engaged in the workshop concerning EC Water Framework Directive.

March 22-24, 2004: Fredrik Wulff will present the decision support system NEST at the conference "International Co-operation for the Baltic Sea Environment: Past, Present and Future" to commemorate 30 years of the HELCOM, in Riga, Latvia

February 2004: The Nordic Council of Ministers has granted the project Cost-effective reduction of the nutrient load to a Baltic Sea sub-basin - combining economics and ecology 400 000 DKR for 2004. The project has many similarities with MARE, which will participate in parts of the project. See Co-operation/Nordic Council of Ministers for more information.

February 27, 2004: Mattias Green will defend his doctoral thesis Dynamics of the upper coastal ocean with special reference to the inshore-offshore water exchange. Abstract

February 15-20, 2004: Ocean Research Conference in Hawaii, USA. MARE scientists are participating in the conference. See abstracts: Coupling management, economics and natural sciences using a linked nest of models... External vs. internal drivers of th Baltic Sea eutrophication The Baltic environmental database and tools for data analysis

December 2003: MARE scientist meeting in Uppsala.

October 2003: MARE participation at HELCOM MONAS meeting 6/2003 in Gdynia, Poland. See minutes of the meeting (agenda item 5.1-5.9).

June 2003: Fredrik Wulff presenting 'Models and Management of the Balitc Sea' at Coastal Research and Planning Institute, Klaipeda University, Lithuania.

June 2003: Fredrik Wulff presenting 'A better management of the Baltic Sea using linked economic and ecological models?' at National Environmental Research Institute, Roskilde, Denmark.

November 2000: MARE workshop om long-term modelling on the Baltic Sea. Researchers meeting on the most appropriate numerical moders for modelling the long-term development of the Baltic Sea. Some 20 researchers from the Baltic Sea states participated. See report Long-term Oceanographic Modelling of the Baltic.

November 2000: MARE workshop on water management at the drainage basin scale. International workshop aimed at establishing why it is taking so long to reduce nutrient inputs to large-scale marine systems, despite the fact that a relatively large body of scientific information is available. Attended by some 20 researchers from different countries and disciplines.

May 2000: MARE workshop on nitrogen fixation in the Baltic Sea. A consensus seminar focusing on current knowledge in this area. Attended by some 30 researchers from the Baltic Sea states and the US. Arranged by the MARE programme in collaboration with two other MISTRA-funded programmes, SUCOZOMA and RESE. See report Nitrogen fixation in the Baltic Sea: Brief guide for environmental managers.