2022-02-15: das601_beta_inst.zip Databases module: Fixed a bug making a list of stations not responding after running an interpolation task.


2021-10-13: das60_beta_inst.zip Redesign of the databases module:
  • Embedded database is managed by the SQLite engine instead of Firebird SQL.
  • Embedded database uses simple database structure, in fact, all data are stored in one table HydroChem (see description of the table in the readme.html).
  • Requested data from the remote databases can be saved locally in SQLite format and can be used later to query data from the local database together with remote databases.
  • DAS can convert data downloaded from ICES data portal https://www.ices.dk/data/data-portals/Pages/ocean.aspx into local SQLite database and use it alone or together with other remote and/or local databases (see Databases > Accounts > Add ICES dataset).
This is a beta version and bug reports and other comments are very appreciated. Don't hesitate to contact alexander.sokolov at su.se.


2021-04-24: das50-10_32-64_inst.exe.zip bug fix release. See readme file for details.
2020-12-02: These changes require to refresh a list of databases in the DAS: run DAS and go Databases > Accounts > Reload > Save as default > Close.


2018-06-19: das50-09_32-64_inst.zip bug fix release.
2018-02-19: das50-08_32-64_inst.zip bug fix release.
2017-11-20: das50-07_32-64_inst.zip bug fix release.
2017-02-10: das50-06_32-64_inst.exe.zip Added a possibility to draw a scalar field in both colour and isolines combined with a vector field (velocity or wind)
2015-03-13: das50-05_32-64_inst.exe General improvements (bug fix release, actually).
2013-02-04: das50-04beta_32-64_inst.exe bug fix release.
2012-11-12: das50-03beta_32-64_inst.exe Added "Vertical profile" panel for drawing a vertical profile of the scalar function for the nearest grid cell to the mouse click. Removed two unnecessary mouse clicks to get the cross section ready. Fixed a few bugs.
2012-04-19: das50-01beta_32-64_inst.exe provides new way of communication with the databases - DAS uses access to the data portal. Added support for Windows 64-bit and 32-bit operating systems.
2010-11-10: das45-03b_inst.exe Fixed bugs in interpolation procedure using data from several databases with identical IDs. (Thanks to Miguel Rodriguez Medina). Exported data both in .fdb and .csv formats now contain "server_id" information and therefore cannot be used in older version of DAS. Nevertheless, DAS can read the data, exported from the older versions of DAS.
2010-10-04: Access to the data from the SMHI SHARK database is back again! Thanks to Philip Axe, SMHI.
2010-09-13: Access to the SHARK database from the DAS is closed because the SHARK's web interface can not handle enormous amount of demands without problems. We are looking for a more robust solution. Sorry.
2010-08-31: das45-02_inst.exe Added access to several databases:
  • SHARK (SMHI, Sweden), Thanks to Lotta Fyrberg, Jan Szaron, Bertil Håkansson
  • Sumppu, Algabase and Pivet (coastal database) (SYKE-FMI, Finland), Thanks to Riitta Olsonen, Seppo Kaitala, Juha-Markku Leppänen (SYKE), Matti Pertillä, Kimmo Tikka, Pekka Alenius, (FMI), Ilkka Priha, Mikko Virkkunen, (Simsoft, Finland)
  • 2010-03-25: das44-12_inst.exe (beta) Added access to the NERI database using web interface (thanks to Ole Manscher, NERI).
    2010-01-26: das44-11_inst.exe (beta) Multithreaded access to the distributed databases is implemented. Added support for Windows 7 themes.
    2009-09-22: das44-10_inst.exe (beta) Added access to the IOW database. Thanks to Steffen Bock.
    2009-07-08: das44-09_inst.exe (beta) Bug-fix release.
    2009-04-14: das44-08_inst.exe (beta) Added proxy support for the database connection.
    2009-04-08: das44-06_inst.exe (beta) Added support for the native look and feel. To support users without admin rights the default installation writes everything in the user's space only. Neither the installer nor DAS needs admin rights.
    2009-02-16: das44-05_inst.exe Added support for users without administrative rights on Windows Vista.
    2008-09-16: das44-04_inst.exe Support of local data (.fdb, .csv) in the older format (prior 4.4).
    2008-08-17: das44-03_inst.exe is a bug-fix release.
    2008-08-14: das44-02_inst.exe is a bug-fix release.
    2008-05-27: das44-01_inst.exe
    • Added access to the BED using http protocol
    • Added possibilities to request the data from several databases simultaneiously
    2008-04-15 05-27:
    Dear colleagues,

    For security reasons we have been forced to run the BED behind a firewall. We hope to find found a safe way to make the database available as it used to be. To access the data from the BED a new version of DAS (4.4) should be used. Meantime we can allow access the database from known IP addresses. So, please, send me (alexander.sokolov@su.se) your IP addresses and the firewall will be configured appropriately. To get the IP address of your computer you can visit a link http://www.hcidata.info/host2ip.cgi and click "Find Host Name" button.

    Thank you.

    Data Assimilation System

    The Data Assimilation System (DAS) coupled with the data portal is a remote accessible public information system for the Baltic Sea. Anybody over the Internet can get access to the data from the database by means of the Data Assimilation System. To use the DAS, you need a personal computer running MS Windows connected to the Internet.

    Please, be aware that this software is distributed "as is". You can use it at you own risk. And, of course, you can not use either the DAS & AS3D software or data from the BED for commercial purposes.

    Run the DAS, select the Databases menu item and enjoy! The databases module allows you to use public data, supplied to us from virtually all institutes involved in measurements of hydrographical and chemical conditions in the Baltic (see: Data assimilation and nutrient budget calculations for the Baltic Sea - progress report, Jun-95). We have supplied these data for research purposes only. To use other data or for any other reasons feel free to contact us.


    Alexander Sokolov, Fredrik Wulff. Brief introduction to DAS

    Alexander Sokolov: DAS 4.2: New and noteworthy. Technical Report, 2003. das42_report.pdf

    A.Sokolov, O.Andrejev, F.Wulff and M.Rodriguez Medina: The Data Assimilation System for Data Analysis in the Baltic Sea. Systems Ecology Contributions, 3, Stockholm University, 1997, 66pp.

    1996-2006 Marine Ecosystem Modeling Group, Department of Systems Ecology, Stockholm University
    2007 Baltic Nest Institute, Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University
    2013 Baltic Nest Institute, Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre

    Alexander Sokolov